Agfa Ansco 10"x8"

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Additional notes.

1 On nornal Agfa/Ansco 10"x8" Commercial View cameras the Agfa (or Ansco) logo is at the end of the front focus rail, on this model the key hole for the additional lens rail is there instead.
2 This particular camera originally belonged to a Mr. Charles Brown of Yarmouth, Maine. "He purchased the camera new in New York City, where he worked with Clarence White and taught photography with him at his school. believe this was in the 40’s and 50’s but I don’t know for sure." the words of the second owner a Professor of Photography who bought the camera off hin in 1997. (Clarence White died in 1925, my guess - Charles Brown worked at the school). Mr Brown had the Dagor lens coated by C P Goerz, at their factory after WW11
3 A History of Antony & Scovill (Ansco). Tthe Agfa name was not dropped until after America entered WW11 in December 1941, the company continued as Ansco later beong taken over by GAF.

Agfa Ansco 1941 Professional catalogue

  Images made with the camera and its original dagor lens.
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The Goerz Dagor Lens