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Photographic Formulae
Developers, Fixers, Stop baths. Toners etc

Kodak Wratten and Ilford safe-light filters

Ilford 1960
A Historical Guide to the Selection of Ilford Developers

Camera Restoration & other vintage photographic items
Restoration projects and other vintage equipment used

Hand Colouring
Adding colour to B&W images

Online Resources
Material and equipment suppliers, and online resources

Photographic Reference Books
Selected publications

*** NEW *** Thornton Pickard shutter restoration service.
Now offering a full restoration service for the Time & Instant and Snap Shot
shutters, this includes new shutter blind & cord as well as repairs to casings
new lens panels, all casings & panels are French polished. New panels are
stained to match the rest of the shutter casing.
Email for details.