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Online Resources

APUG APUG APUG.ORG is an international community of like minded individuals devoted to traditional (non-digital) photographic processes. An extremely active photographic community; it's forums contain a highly detailed archive of traditional and historic photographic processes.
Unblinkingeye A useful resource for alternative processes and some formulae
Fotoimpex (Berlin) Excellent European (German) supplier of film, paper and other darkroom equipment.
Silverprint The UK's major independent supplier of film, photographic paper and related darkroom products.
Ilford (Harman Technology) UK manufacturer of film, photographic paper, and chemicals. The last major manufacturer to manufacture a full range of Black & White materials.


UK's second manufacturer of Black & White photographic papers, now owned by Harman Technology (Ilford).
Digitaltruth US Supplier of film and darkroom materials. Also a valuable site with formulae and other resources.
Robert White UK supplier of photographic equipment. Excellent and reliable source for new and second hand cameras and lenses
Ag Photographic Birmingham(UK) based supplier of photographic materials
Pyrocat HD A site dedicated to the use of Sandy King's Pyrocatechin vbased film developer
Mike Walker LARGEFORMATFIL.com Mike Walker's site for Ilford ULF sheet film, specialist sizes
Other Photo-Links   These links are heavily biased towards digital imaging
Large Format Photography Forum International site for Large format users, with a heavy biase towards digital output.
UK Large Format Photography Group UK site dedicated to Large Format photography with an overwhelming bias towards Digital printing