Camera Restoration and other vintage photographic items

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Patent Etuu 9x12 Cameras

Patent Etui and other 9x12 cameras



Agfa Ancso Commercial View

Agfa Ansco 10"x8" camera



Avo meter Avo meter

An early exposure meter



  Camera Bellows

Making replacement bellows for a Large Format camera (see Quarter plate Camera)



Speed Graphic Crown & Speed Grahics

Restoring a Speed Graphic and repairing a Crown Graphic



Daror lens Dagor

The Goerz Dagor lens



The "Duchess" A Houghtons "Duchess" Half plate camera
Ensign Speed Roll Film Reflex An early 6x9 roll film reflex camera
Exacta Exakta

The Exakta Varex IIb and system accessories

KW Praktina The KW Praktina FX camera and the Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar f 2 58mm lens


Le Mignon shutter A rare front mounting shutter for brass lenses


Ground glass Making a Ground glass screen

Making a replacement Ground Glass Focus Screen for a plate camera

An 1898 approach

The MPP MicroPress A "British" Speed Graphic. An enigmatic camera quite unlike MPP's Technical cameras which uses many Graflex Pacemaker Speed Graphic parts.


Quarter plate camera Quarter Plate camera

Restoring a British "1890's" Quarter plate camera



Petzval lens

Restoration of a Flea market Petzval lens.



Thornton Pickard Special
Ruby Reflex

A quarter plate reflex camera and its restoration.



TP shutters Thornton Pickard shutters

Restoring the shutters and making new curtains.



Unknown Half Plate camera

Restoration of an Unknown half plate camera, shutter and plate holders.