Thornton Pickard Junior Special Ruby Reflex

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The restoration of a pre-WWII Thornton Pickard reflex camera

The Thornton Pickard Ruby Reflex cameras were once common place in the United Kingdom and available in a variety of sizes.

This particular camera was bought in June 2012, an ebay bargain (less than £20), but described accurately as:

"in need of restoration."
"This has been in a loft, unprotected, so it's 'DUSTY"
"The shutter does not work and is at the end of it's life."
" The bellows are still pretty good."
"The focus rack is ok."
"The viewfinder cover opens up ok, and the hood erects, but has some wear now."
"The shutter does not work and is at the end of it's life."
" It needs a focus screen and the reflex mirror has lost it's silvering."
"I think the wooden side panel has split, but if the camera was stripped then this could be glued."
"So, really restoration or make it into an interesting project camera of your own design."

All in all a great challenge and more importantly a godd way to begin learning to restore reflex cameras.

The reflex mirror has finished its effective life.

My initial reaction on recieving the camera was that it looked far worse than it was. Initially after strippind down the camera I contined to believe this.

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