The Le Mignon Shutter

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I was given this shutter during the Summer 2017, it had some issues as there was no
release mechanism. It's designed to front mount on a brass lens. Note the back cover
has been removed to show the mechanism below.

It could be cocked and released with a screw driver through the hole on the front,
or through the side.

Using brass tube which I threaded to take a cable release I made a simple plunger to
trigger the shutter mechanism.

The new tube is bottom left and the cover has been replaced.

The shutter is now fully functional, I need to test the true speeds as there's some adjustment
of the shutter speeds, see the 1-7 scale on the bottom left..

The shutter is fitted after focussing just prior to use.

So far I've only found one similar shutter on the Internet with the number 513,
but there's no details or a date.

"Le Mignon" seems to translate as The Cute, The Dainty, the name was also given to a
camera of ICA origin sold in France but most likely totally unconnected.