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Photographic Formulae

Film Developers Fine Grain ID-11/D76, D76 Variants, EK-FG (1927), AN17/AG47

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    Autophen & thePQ Variants of ID-11 (D76),
ID-68 (Microphen)
  Staining Pyrocat HD, DiXactol Ultra (type), ID1, ID-4, ID-6
    Meritol - Super Fine Grain
  Universal ID-2, ID-20, ID36, ID-62, ID-67
Reversal Processing   Agfa, Bauchet, Filmotec (Orwo), Gevaert, Ilford, Kodak, May & Baker, Pathe
Paper Developers Normal ID-20, ID-62, D72, D52
  Warmtone ID-78, D32
  Contrast ID-14, ID-13, ID19, ID35, ID-72
  Soft ID-3, D165, ID-15,
  Misc ID-62 -Variants  -  Cool Tone / Warm Tone
Fixers   TF3
Toners   IT-1, IT-2, IT-3, IT-4, IT-5, IT-6, IT-7, IT-8