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Pyrocat HD (Sandy King)

Stock Solution A    
Sodium Metabisulphite 1 g  
Pyrocatechin 5 g  
Phenidone* 0.2 g  
Potassium Bromide 0.1 g  
Water to 100 ml Alternatively use 75ml Propylene Glycol, then water to 100 ml
Stock Solution B    
Potassium Carbonate 75 g  
Distilled water to make 100 ml  

To make a standard working solution, mix 1 part A with 1 part B with 100 ml water. Pyrocat-HD is not subject to problems with uneven development, so agitation can be reduced to once per minute or less. * Or substitute 2.5 grams of metol (with a slight loss in film speed).


Develop: Tmax 100 @ 100 ISO & 20°C for 14 mins in a Jobo cut film tank.
Tray: Forte 200 @ 100 ISO & 20°C for 9 mins (2+2+100 dilution)

Details of various applications of Pyricat HD and and a useful article on staining developers by Sandy King may be found on Unblinkingeye

"Prescysol" a developer sold in the Uk is widely regarded as being a clone of Pyrocat HD