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IT-3 Ilford Selenium-sulphide Toner
For Purple to red/brown tones.

Stock A - Bleach    
Potassium ferricyanide 100 g  
Potassium bromide 100 g  
Water to make 1 litre  
Stock B - Selenium-Sulphide Toner   Best carried out in a fume cupboard. Selenium powder should not be inhaled or ingested.
Sodium sulphide 104 g Dissolve the sulphide then warm the solution and the Selelenium powder
Selenium (powder) 6.8g Continue heating until the Selenium is dissolved.
Water to 1 litre  
    NOTE: The Sulphide smell is quite obnoxious, and potentially hazardous.
For use: Dilute the Bleach1 part with 9 parts water, bleach until complete, wash well. Use in a well ventilated environment, and away from unexposed/undeveloped films & papers.
Toner: Dilute 1+10 with water and tone for approx 2 - 3 minutes, wash well afterwards.
Prints on Warm toned papers - can be toned directly with the Toner, ithout the Bleach step

Print - Forte Polywarmtone developed in ID78, toned in IT-3 directly with dilute Toner (Stock B).