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ID-78 Ilford Warm Tone Developer

Phenidone 0.5 g  
Sodium Sulphite (anh) 50 g  
Hydroquinone 12 g  
Sodium Carbonate (anh) 62 g  
Potassium Bromide 4.5 g  
Water to 1 litre  

To use: Dilute 1+ 3 for warmest tones. Can be used at 1+1 for higher contrast.

This formula is invariably published incorrectly in US sources and many websites with only 0.4g Potassium Bromide.

ID-78 can be made up as a more concentrated stock solution and keeps well with an excellent shelf life.

Concentrated Stock Solution ID-78

Phenidone 1.25 g 6.25 g  
Sodium Sulphite (anh) 125 g 625 g  
Hydroquinone 30 g 150 g  
Potassium Carbonate (anhyd) 96.25 g 480.12 g The Sodium Carbonate is best replaced by Potassium Carbonate
Sodium Hydroxide 5.3 g 26.5 g and Sodium Hyrdoxide in the Concentrate which increases solubility.
Potassium Bromide 11.25 g 56.25 g  
Water to 1 litre 5 litres  

To use: Dilute 1+9, use 1+4 for higher contrast

ID-78 gives excellent Warm Tones with a wide variety of modern warm tone paper, including Polywarmtone, Agfa/Adox MCC, Fomabrom 111 and of course Ilford Warmtone FB. It was once commercially available in as aPowdered developer to make 1 gallon and 10 litres (2¼ Gallon) of Stock solution. It's a direct replacement for Neutol WA and Ilford Warmtone developers and was once available commercially as an Ilford pre-packed powder developer.

Example: Fomatone MG Classic 131 / ID-78 / Selenium toned: Rhodos Castle, Nov 2009