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Eastman Kodak Research Laboratories (1927) - Fine Grain Film Developer
For Fine grain. - A developer recommended by the Eastman Kodak Research Laboratories for use when images of specially fine grain are required is as follows:-


2 g

8 gr


Sodium Sulphite (anh)

100 g

400 gr



8 g

8 gr


Water to

1.6 litre (1600 ml)

14 oz





The developer works more slowly than those of normal formula.

(No times were given)


From the 1928 British Journal Photographic Almanac - Epitome of Progress, (published 1927), with a reference to - A.P., May 25, p. 504.

The formula was published in Avoirdupois form. Whether the unit of volume is UK or US isn't given, but as the formula comes from the Eastman Kodak Research Laboratory it's likely to be US.
This seems to be one of the earliest published Kodak Fine Grain film developer for still films. D76 was published around the same time initially as a motion picture developer.

The formula bears a marked resemblance to Grant Haist's Hydroquinone free H76 (mis-named as D76H) which is not a Kodak formula.