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IT-2 Ilford Hypo-Alum Toner
For Purplish-Sepia tones.

Sodium Thiosulphate (Hypo) 150 g  
Potassium Alum (cryst) 25 g  
Water to 1 litre Dissolve the thiosulphate in hot water, in hot water, then add the alum slowly.

To Use: Full strength, Tone for approx 10 minutes @ 50°C, prints should be slightly darker than normal (untoned) B&W images, at lower temperatures toning is very slow.

Until the bath is ripened this toner has a reducing action, ripening is bestbe done by fully toning some scrap prints, the toner improves with yse and lasts for years if topped up with fresh solution.

Print - Ilford Multigrade IV FB, developed in ID62 in IT-2