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Cool tones, Warm tones, Neutral tones
Alternatives to Ilford Cooltone, Warmtone etc

Ilford have published many formulae for film and paper development over the years. Here are some suggestions for processing Ilford papers to obtain a variety of tones. I have also included a soft working developer and a contrast developer to give a full range of option.

ID-62 PQ Universal Developer, gives cold/neutral tones.
ID-78 PQ Warm-tone Developer, similar to Neutol WA

ID-3 Metol Soft working, similar results to Selectol Soft, and Agfa's Adaptol
ID-14 MQ Contrast developer, will give approx half a grade increase in contrast. Use FS for maximum contrast, can be diluted.

Normal use for Tray development with ID-3, ID-62 & ID-78 is 1+3

A formula similar to ID-62 has been published without the Benzotriazole. If this is made up it can be used as a Cool tone type of developer and by adding additional Bromide becomes like ID-78 warm tone developer, or by adding Benzotriazole solution like ID-62 more neutral (blue tones).

Ilford PQ Developer - Cool Tones

Phenidone 0.5 g  
Sodium Sulphite (anh) 50 g  
Hydroquinone 12 g  
Sodium Carbonate (anh) 60 g  
Potassium Bromide 2 g  
Water to 1 litre  
Use 1+3 Develop 1½ - 2 mins 20ºC Neutral/Cold tone: Add 5ml Benzotriazole solution (1%) to each litre of working solution.
  Warm tone: Add 7.5 ml Potassium Bromide 1% solution to each litre of working solution.
  This Developer formula is identical to Forte FD-203 which is recommended for Forte Polygrade papers, including Poly-warm tone. (No Benzotriazole)

Ilford PQ Developer (Concentrated Stock Solution) - Cool Tones

Phenidone 1.25 g 6.25 g  
Sodium Sulphite (anh) 125 g 625 g  
Hydroquinone 30 g 150 g  
Potasium Carbonate (anh) 95 g 475 g The Sodium Carbonate is best replaced by Potassium Carbonate
Sodium Hydroxide 5.3 g 26.5 g and Sodium Hyrdoxide in the Concentrate which increases solubility.
Sodium Carbonate (anh) 150 g 750 g  
Potassium Bromide 5 g 25 g  
Water to 1 litre 5 litres  
Use 1 + 9 Add additional Bromide or Benzotriazole to alter the tones to the working solution - as above.