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ID-68 Ilford "PQ Fine Grain" Developer

Sodium Sulphite (anh) 85 g  
Hydroquinone 5 g  
Borax 7 g  
Boric Acid 2 g  
Poassium Bromide 1 g  
Phenidone 0.13 g  
Water to 1 litre  

To use: FS, 1+1, 1+3

Ilford state this formula is similar to Microphen.

ID-68R Replenisher

Sodium Sulphite (anh) 85 g  
Hydroquinone 8 g  
Borax 10 g  
Phenidone 0.22 g  
Water to 1 litre  

Only FS ID-68 can be Replenished.

There were a number of Ilford PQ variations of ID-11, some have been erroneously assumed in US publications to be Microphen, although there will be some close similarities. However after commercial trials of the PQ version of ID-11 in the late 1950's Ilford decided to retain ID-11 as an MQ developer, and instead introduced two new PQ Fine Grain Developers, Autophen for Photofinishing laboratories based on this research, and Microphen, which was a re-formulation of the PQ Fine Grain deveveloper, with reduced Sulphite, and a different balance of Phenidone and Hydroquinone to improve the developer's characteristics and performance. When Ilford released Microphen they made clear in various publications that it was a new type of developer.