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IT-1 Ilford Sulphide Toner
For Sepia tones.

Stock A - Bleach    
Potassium Ferricyanide 100 g  
Potassium bromide 100 g  
Water to 1 litre  
Stock B - Re-developer (Toner)   NOTE: The Sulphide smell is quite obnoxious, and potentially hazardous.
Sodium Sulphide 50 g Use in a well ventilated environment, and away from unexposed/undeveloped films & papers.
Water to 1 litre  

To Use: Dilute each solution seperately, 1+9 with water.

Prints should be fully developed and fixed. After a thorough wash the prints should be bleached in the Fericyanide solution and washed for approx 10 minutes (Fibre based prints - TC prints for 2-3 mins) then placed in the Sulphide solution until full darkened. This will give rich sepia tones with Bromide papers, has a slight reduciing effect.

Temperature is not critical.

Print - Ilford Multigrade IV FB, developed in ID62 and tonedin IT-1