Before embarking on this project all my landscape photography had been in the countryside and I was increasingly aware I was making images of industrial landscapes. A result was Lost Labours, images of the abandoned Leominster - Stourport Canal.

One evening in 1988 I went for a walk in the Black Country, and I realised my next work would be of this urban landscape, and made a decision to spend 5 years exploring and photographing the area, with a view to exhibiting the images.

With the increasing moves to redevelop brown-field sites many areas of open land in the Black Country, abandonded after industrial use, are beginning to disappear. "In Search of Agenoria" was a reponse to this, and shows the transient nature of an urban landscape.

A Map overview is provided, and its hyperlinks are one way to take you to the exhibition photographs and the background research materials, text and images which make up this site.


Why Agenoria?
The historical background to the title.

In Search of Agenoria
The Exhibition - 62 images.

Location of the Stour Valley

Stour Valley Map in 17C & 18C
Image Map.


Camera In Action
Equipment used.