It is important to note that most of the material included on this Web Site is COPYRIGHT. This means that if you wish to use ANY of the images or text you must pay a reproduction fee to the author.

If however you wish to use images or text for educational purposes or non profit making web-sites please e-mail the author, as larger scanned images, original prints, or more detailed information are may well be available at no cost. In addition I have over a hundred 35mm films of Black Country landscapes, archived but never printed, which might be also be available.

Recently images from this site have appeared on other sites without permission - and this has lead to a re-evaluation of my policy on copyright. I WILL take legal action if I find this happening.

Original prints are available for sale framed or un-framed. Please e-mail if you would like more details.

Dud Dudley's "Metallum Martis" and extracts from other books or manuscripts have been scanned by the author from original documents, all of which are now out of copyright, and if you wish to use them for any purpose please acknowledge this, and provide a link to this site.

All of the interpretive maps used on this site have been drawn by the author and are copyright, but they have had to be used at a relatively low resolutions. However they have been drawn for output as A1 or A2 documents and are available in various formats (as vector images).

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